Dating video dinosaur brains

I think that you can make a case that there is a sequence of about five or six human prints here.Now I would admit that there is really nothing here that would convince a die-hard evolutionist that the only explanation for these tracks are that humans made them.In the September 1989 issue of the Creation Research Society Quarterly, Rosnau, Auldaney, Howe and Waisgerber published an article concerning the “quasi-human ichnofossils” found at an Indian roadside stand near Tuba City, Arizona.They did a second follow-up report in the December 1989 issue of some other tracks found nearby.

The tracks are located on top of a mesa, just after you crest a hill on the left-hand side of the road.He also mentioned that some of them are giant-sized, and that they have tribal legends of giants who lived in the area.When we returned to the area, the guide found this track sequence, which I think, contains the best prints of all.The third one is in such bad condition that I hardly think it should be considered.But after looking at Allen Roy’s pictures, it appears the ones we discovered are different than his.

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