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Birka and Hovgården On the islands of Björkö and Adelsö in lake Mälaren, some of the best preserved archaeological sites from the Viking Age reside.

Pick up your ax and shield and explore the mercantile town of Birka, a central trading harbor from 750-980 AD.

With smelting houses, administrative and residential buildings, inspectors' houses, smiths' cottages, stables, breweries, and a monumental barn of slag stone, the area contributed greatly to Sweden's becoming an economic leader in that field during the 17th to 19th centuries and its prosperity in a rapidly evolving world.

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The mine reaches 67 metres deep, and used to be a searing furnace at 50C (122F), but it is now refreshingly cool.

Engelsberg Ironworks During the 18th century, the Engelsberg Ironworks became one of the most developed, modern ironworks the world had ever seen.

Surviving as an outstanding example of influential European industrial complexes from the 17th to 19th centuries, situated in Norberg of central Sweden, the Engelsberg Ironworks maintains buildings from the 12th century of various functions and ages.

Please note that there are some disruptions on the green line during the summer, so you may have to find alternative routes.

Drottningholm Palace Sweden's first contribution to the World's Heritage List is the current Swedish royal family's very place of residence on Lovön, Stockholm.

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