Dating wing nuts

In Lafayette, Louisiana, officials released the diary of the man who killed two people at a movie theater this past summer—it was filled with rage against the federal government and praise for a racist killer.

In Oakdale, California, two honey farmers were charged with fraud involving a scheme by extremists who declare they are not bound by the laws of any government.

And while those right-wing militia members were occupying federal land, other extremists around the country were hard at work.

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In fact, these militants are a surprisingly diverse lot.

Experts say there are three distinct groups, including some factions that despise one another.

According to Arie Perliger, director of terrorism studies at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, the three ideologies within the violent American far-right are racist, anti-federalist and fundamentalist.

And the day after the first arrests of the Malheur occupiers, a New Hampshire man who told an FBI informant he was part of a group that wanted to bring back “the original Constitution,” and had as much as 0,000 on hand for explosives and rockets, was taken into custody after he illegally purchased hand grenades. And what makes them believe Americans have to engage in armed combat with their own government rather than vote, kill their fellow citizens rather than tolerate differences, blow up buildings rather than just get a job?

Billions of words have been written and spoken on violent Islamic extremists.

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