Dating your marshall amp


Adam was appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer, AMP Capital in October 2015.

1979-1981: Some Marshalls made from 1979 to 1981 have the serial number on the front panel.

July 1969 - December 1983 EXAMPLE: SL/A 24523 D SL/A = Model Code 24523 = Serial Number E = Date Code This amp would have be a 100 Watt Super Lead 1972 January 1984 - October 1992 EXAMPLE: S/A T 24523 S/A = Model Code T = Date Code 24523 = Serial Number This ampwould have be a 50 Watt 1985 JCM900's The JCM900's began using a Bar Code system which consists of 9 digits which are broken down into three sections.

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Some of the older amps have an inspection sticker on the top of the chassis and they usually have the day, month and year the amp was made or inspected.

Note: "A" Date Code: The "A" Date Code ran for 18 months (July 1969 - December 1970) so the "B" Code was not used.

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