Throughout School Mode, Monokuma will request the player to assemble backup Monokumas based on specified concepts, by gathering materials.

Assembling these backup Monokumas rewards the player with Trip Tickets, which can be used to take classmates on a trip to locations within the school and bond with them.

The Trigger Happy Heart event occurs when Makoto gets close to full reputation hearts on a classmate's report card.

On the 51st day, if the player has completed Monokuma's final spare, Makoto will be alone in the Gym with any characters that the player has earned full max reputation with.

After he leaves, the students all reluctantly agree to go along with Monokuma's orders since there was no telling what could happen if they refuse. It brings in top students from every field imaginable. They say that if you come here and manage to graduate, you'll be set for life. The only way in is if you're scouted by the school itself.


Getting all 10 hearts will unlock that student's ending. It uses mechanics used in the Nonstop Debate trial minigame in the main plot and is similar to the "Shot Through the Heart" minigame in the Island Mode of Danganronpa 2.Spinning, mixing, melting away, then spinning again... But hearing that voice made it hard for me to concentrate on what it was actually saying...I was forced to wonder, what the hell was going on here...?The player will be given one block of Free Time every day - two on the one day per week that Makoto and his classmates have off.The player can spend the block of Free Time with any one of Makoto's classmates, or sleep to skip that Free Time period.

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