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First and foremost, if we want to understand the success and effects of Online Dating in our society, we ought to contextualize our society in its present state.

We live in a society that functions under the commandments of The Internet: Immediacy, Knowledge-available-on-demand and New ways of communication.

Online Dating has become one of the most successful and profitable markets in our society.

But can the quest for love be really commercialized? If something characterizes the last two decades it is undoubtedly the cultural, social and economic changes that the internet has brought: the cultural switch from the offline to the online scene, the economic system of the sharing economy and the explosion of the apps.

The online world gives you access to a greater pool of people, in the case of online dating, a greater pool of potential partners.

However, in such a populated sector, one must engage in what’s called the “mindful search”: when online daters are exposed to “both hyper-personal and idealized impressions”, according to therapist Jane Buder, where “the tensions of enhancement versus authenticity are explained in terms of social desirability, self-deception and selective self-presentation”, then it becomes essential to establish a set of rules to efficiently filter your potential match.

Indeed, following a study by e Harmony, age can have a great impact in finding a match.

Melani Robinson, an Online Dating expert and Award-winning blogger named one of the “Ten Best Online Dating Experts“, has kindly replied to some of our questions that hopefully will help us better understand the insights of Online Dating.

We invite you to explore with us a behind-the-scenes of online dating…

): from the extremists who claim that dating is dead to the die-hard romantics who wait for Cupid’s arrow to strike. What are the effects of online dating on our society?

Whether the societal crisis of love and dating is real or not, what’s noticeable is that the online dating market saw an opportunity and went for it. Is Online dating changing our romantic habits and has it empowered women?

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