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Coulson then realized that Fitz managed to open Nick Fury's Toolbox to have contacted them.

Fitz expressed his uncertainty of the plan, Hunter tried to comfort him by reminding him that it was part of the job to form questionable alliances.

While Coulson and Peterson tracked down Ward and Agent 33, Hunter stayed onboard the Quinjet with Fitz.

When they entered they discovered that Ward had murdered all the HYDRA agents inside and escaped, as Hunter and the team continued to search they discovered Sunil Bakshi, unconscious and tied to a chair, left as pick-up for Phil Coulson by Ward.

He helped Skye finish her battle and knocked out the assassin.

Hunter and the other Agents aimed their guns at Ward.

He and Leo Fitz discussed how Grant Ward and Agent 33 appeared to be genuinely in love with each other; Fitz jokingly told him to concentrate on his bleeding shoulder as it would be less unnerving.

would fall apart if angry enhanced individuals destroy them, while putting his feet on Coulson's desk, Coulson noted that maybe the three of them had been spending too much time together.

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