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" Despite the ridicule and the allegations of "creepiness," Mike says he'll keep giving out the survey, which he generally hands out in person and not via email: "It came about mostly for fun and sort of as a way to filter out women who will never be interested in me and those who might be. It can't possibly hurt the downward spiral that is my dating life," he says.

"My OKCupid now has a link to an article about it...

Moderator addition: Apparently "Dave" gave Jezebel an interview (yeah, that always works out in your favor as a man).

Anyway, according to Dave:"I work with spreadsheets a lot," he told us. I work long days, go to the gym, go out on a couple of midweek dates or what not, get home I going to remember them?

Last week, the dating "mistake" that had the Internet cluck-clucking in joyful schadenfreude was the "creepy" survey sent by a "24-year-old finance guy," known as Mike, to one of his dates.

Mike has gotten in touch to share his side of the story.

"As the story grew I got a promotion each time it was picked up by a new outlet," he writes.Embarrassing public disclosure of that which had been intended as private, check.Opportunity for mockery of someone else's presumed incompetence in the field of dating, which makes the rest of us creeps feel so much better about ourselves, double check. Stolar emailed The Atlantic Wire the screengrabbed image above as proof that he is the survey sender in question."Out of respect for the likely many people you are in correspondence with when online dating," she said, "a spreadsheet is a helpful tool for everyone involved," she said.Just don't share it with your dates was the caveat. Stolar says that "Dating is now presented as women fending off creepy guys searching for the one normal guy out of two dozen 'creepy finance guys.'" And it's true, the word "creep" gets thrown around a lot more with regard to men than women, but a lot in general, nowadays.

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