Dns clients not updating records

It has been over 20 mins and there is nothing which related to update the PTR.

I’ve also checked setting of computer which having PTR record.

We have multiple hosts as of late that sucessfully pull a DHCP address and are domain machines that there is no A record being created for the host.

I can do a reverse lookup on the IP and that works but not name to IP.

Statically-set clients (static clients) that perform dynamic updates will send updates for both its A record (forward lookup record) and its PTR record (reverse lookup record) to the authoritative DNS server.The update code is already there, it is mostly a matter of splitting the code to be IPA-agnostic.One change compared to the IPA code would be that IPA only sends the refresh when the addresses change, to avoid unnecessary zone transfers on the IPA server.In order to update the timestamp, the DNS records are refreshed periodically even if they actually haven’t changed, just to bump the timestamp.A special timestamp value of 0 can be set to the resource record, indicating unlimited lifetime of the record. We will reuse a similar mechanism used in the IPA provider where the address used to connect to the AD server LDAP connection is used by default.

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