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At its worst, as in cases of infidelity, the drifting member often has little desire to engage in counselling, except perhaps as a pretense to lessen guilt or criticism. Emotions swing wildly from despair to acceptance and back again. Let's look for a moment at the other half of the relationship – focusing on the individual who wants out of the marriage.He or she may have decided already that the relationship is over. Nothing in human experience can compare with the agony of knowing that the person to whom you pledged eternal devotion has betrayed your trust and is now involved in sexual intimacies with a "stranger" . What secrets lie deep within the mind of the woman who has an affair with her boss, or the man who chases the office flirt?

Indeed, Western nations are witnessing a continuing epidemic of dysfunctional relationships.But these responses must not be used as persuasive devices to hold the drifting partner against his or her will.To the reader who is desperately in need of this advice, please pay close attention at this point: I'm sure you would not have dreamed of using these coercive methods to convince your husband or wife to marry you during your dating days.Long before any decision is made to "fool around" or walk out on a partner, a fundamental change has begun to occur in the relationship.Many books on this subject lay the blame on the failure to communicate, but I disagree.

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