Dream analysis on boyfriends dating other women

"Sometimes we get lazy or bored and we think we know everything there is to know about our partner," she says.

"You know what he's going to say, what he's thinking, what he's going to eat for dinner or watch on television. "When did you think there was nothing left to learn?

Might you sneak off to a hotel one weekend and leave the kids with your parents? The Dream About Your Husband, but with a Different Face/Voice/Body Your husband is blond and thin, so why did he have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, dark hair and a French accent in your dream? Herbenick says that this dream could signal a need for more curiosity in a relationship.

"In dreams, sometimes this closeness may take on a different level but it is unlikely to mean anything about your sexual orientation, unless you also—in waking life—find that you are interested in women."2. "It's not unusual for women to dream about past boyfriends from high school or college, even years after they are happily settled into a more grownup life with a family," she says.

The Dream About the Guy Who Got Away You haven't thought about your college boyfriend for years, so why did you have a wild dream about him last night? Does it mean somewhere, deep down, you're still in love with your ex? It's more likely to be your brain processing old memories.

Your dreams tend to put all that in the image of the past person when you are dealing with the influences left in you from the relationship.

Example: I had a dream that I had the most beautiful girl with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes and she was my girlfriend and in reality I have never met her and I don’t know who she is.

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