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Style can be ponderous without being heavy, light without being insipid, fluent without being verbose, archaic without being crabbed.

It includes not only metre, of course, but all those imponderable elements of word-choice and arrangement that we conveniently call style.

The present task, however, differed from most preceding studies in the emphasis that was to be placed on the critical side; it was not to be merely an assemblage of titles, but the attempt was to be made to assist the scholar, reader, book- buyer, and librarian to make an intelligent selection from the mass of published translations.

The work was begun in the fall of 1916 at the suggestion of Professor A. Hohlfeld of the University of Wisconsin, who, as scholars know, has long been deeply interested in the literature of translation, and under whose direction several 6 UNIVERSITY OP WISCONSIN STUDIES ambitious bibliographical investigations have been undertaken.

Entered as second class matter August 31, 1919, at the postofflce at Madison, Wisconsin, under the Act of August 24, 1912. MORGAN— BIBLIOGRAPHY OF GERMAN LITERATURE 9 Not all the diacritical marks are due to the compiler's own scrutiny: he has very gladly availed himself of the opinions of Other critics (see List B, p.

Traces of matriarchy in Germanic hero-lore, by Albert William Aron. The true appreciation of the entire substance ca Jls for an intimate knowledge of the foreign tongue, as well as a thorough acquaintance with the life and customs and lit- erature of the people who speak it. Modern thought in the German lyric poets from Goethe to Dehmel, by Friedrich Bruns. After mature deliberation, it was decided to employ three diacritical marks to indicate the quality of translations, sup- plementing by comment in certain cases. It does not mean perfection, which is no more often attained in translation than in other fields of human endeavor, but implies that a reader may safely take a version so marked as a reasonably satisfactory rendering of the original. British criticisms of American writings, 1815-1833 — A contribution to the study of Anglo-American literary re- lationships, by William B. In the second place, if the reader or student please, he may regard the judgments here given as thrown in for good measure, and as perhaps paving the way for other detailed treatments of special fields, such as Baumann's of Faust (see Bi) or Long's Werther (B13) — both, by the way, models of what such studies should be. Goethe's lyric poems in English translation prior to 1860, by Lucretia Van Tuyl Simmons. comment on Rossetti's "translation" of Burger's Lcnore). Lucilius and Horace — a study in the classical theory of imitation, by George Converse Fiske. At all events, it is perhaps not too much to say that Pope's Iliad would be unthinkable in our day, both in its inception and its popu- larity : people would say, if such a work actually found a pub- lisher, "It's a fine poem, but not Homer" (cf.

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