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I have a masters degree in translation and interpreting and a first class honours degree in modern foreign languages.

I speak Spanish, Portuguese and Greek fluently and am currently learning Italian. I also have a serious travel bug having lived in Spain, Portugal and California as well as embarking on trips to Cuba, Peru, Brazil, and Vietnam to name a few.

This competition to me isn't just about winning the title it is about making a difference, supporting worthy causes and bringing change in every little way that I can to empower woman from all walks of life.

I am a hard-working postwoman for the Royal Mail a job that I love, I feel I have proven you can be girly, wear fake tan, and heels but also be strong, get dirty, build muscle and work in a very male dominated industry that for many years had been gender segregated.

You can vote for your favourite finalist from a mobile phone via SMS to give them a head start on the scoreboard for the grand final weekend.

Last year I took six months out and lived in and travelled around Europe in a self-converted VW caddy camper van with my partner, it was one of the most unique and incredible experiences I have ever done.

My next goal will be to travel Australia in the same way.

I currently work as a cabin crew for British Airways, which is empowering to know that I am an ambassador for my country each day I fly for the British national flag carrier.

I love to explore new cultures and meet people from every corner of the world.

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