Duggar dating rules full episode

Girls are not allowed to wear shorts or short skirts.Women are expected to dress "modestly," and not show a lot of skin.They also do not allow dancing, because dancing is, apparently, of the devil.That didn't stop Derick Dillard from partying down one night earlier this year, though.As this was a missionary trip, many believe this rule got broken because the family wanted to try to distract the public from his latest scandal.Others suggest that because Joseph was a man, his family didn't think it as important to chaperone him.The older children are fishing and not paying attention and it's probably fortunate that Josie did not get her hands on the weapon.

But consider that as another rule broken, because the family allowed Joseph and his girlfriend, Kendra Caldwell, to go to Panama without a chaperone present earlier this year.So it's likely that they used birth control for that reason, although if they did, they still broke one of the main family rules.The Duggars are a gun-toting family, but they always claim that they are very protective of their guns and that gun safety always comes first.Whatever the case, if Kendra and Joseph end up in the same situation as Joy-Anna and Austin, we can expect a repeat of the past.It might sound like something out of an '80s movie, but the Duggars actually do not allow any non-religious music in their house.

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