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‘This decline is partly due to the fact that fewer buildings are being bought by investors hoping to cash in on illegal rentals to tourists,’ Laurens Ivens, the alderman for housing, told the Telegraaf.More MPs from two ruling parties VVD and CDA, as well as the opposition Labour party, have asked ministers to outline the consequences of a no-deal Brexit on British citizens in the Netherlands and Dutch nationals in Britain.

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The number of complaints made to the council hotline fell to 1,394 from 1,572 in the 2017 first half.Two other defendants were given community service and suspended sentences for their role in the scandal.More The battle by Amsterdam council against property owners illegally renting rooms to tourists appears to be paying off, city officials said on Wednesday.Derivatives trader Arjan Greeven, who earned tens of thousands in commission on the deals, was jailed for 30 months, well below the 57 months demanded by the public prosecution department.Vestia came close to bankruptcy in 2012 as a result of speculating in high-risk derivatives and made total losses estimated at €2 billion.

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