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With each passing day we became more and more determined to rise up and rebuild the business.We learned never to put all the eggs in one basket again, ever!

We talked for about 20 minutes before I realized she didn’t list her fixed price listing for the “good till cancelled” duration, instead she chose “30 days” – which meant that every 30 days her listing was completely reset, losing all her recent sales, sale through rates and the position gained in e Bay search results.Offering the lowest price was never a possibility and was certainly not our focus on e Bay (we used other e Bay hacks).Our plan was to quickly gain “Recent sales” and “Sell though rate” in order to kick our listing back to the top of the default (best match) e Bay search results.The listing that e Bay removed had high recent sales and as we had constantly kept improving it’s description, it was highly converting too = high sell through rate (It was nearly 4%, meaning that out of every 100 visitors 4 actually purchased a GPS from our listing).But knowing that there are many “Dollar driven” customers on e Bay who actively change the filter to “Price Shipping: Lowest first” – we wanted to make sure that our listing appeared first in at least some of their search results.

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