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Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greece is elected in revolt, for Continental Greece, then part of the Aegaean province. 1868) Con Kolokotrnis Italian Plenipotentiary (in Athens) - Pellegrino Ghigi (b. 1995) PNF Italian Military Commanders Greece (in Athens) (in Epirus, Thessaly, Peloponnese, Attica, Corfu, Cephalonia, Leucadia, Ithaca, Paxos, Zante, Euboea, Naxos, Cyclades, Samos, and Eastern Crete [Lasithi prefecture]) - Carlo Geloso (b. 1575 Ottoman Sultan appoints a representative to be resident in Mount Athos at Karys. National Assembly convened, superseding the three regional bodies; on a provisional constitution adopted, regional bodies abolished on . K., French, Russian intervention, ending Egypt intervention. Greece to be autonomous within Ottoman Empire (by U. Ottomans defeated at Petra in the final battle in the Greek War of Independence (Ottoman garrison leaves the Acropolis ). 1593 The last reference to the institution of the Prtos as the Athonites' supreme administrative and spiritual authority.146 BC - 27 BC Part of Roman Republic (as 27 BC Part of the Roman Empire (Provincia Achaea is separated from Provincia Macedoniae). 1961) aving left Athens , the King and government left Crete - the last free Greek soil - on , staying in Alexandria (Egypt) 2-, then Johannesburg (South Africa) 20 Jul - , and arriving in London (England) .11 May 330 AD Emperor Constantine moves the capital of the Roman Empire to Constantinople (Konstantinopolis) formerly Byzantium (Byzntion), officially called New Rome (Nova Roma [Na Rmi]).680 - 893 Bulgaria expands into Byzantine Empire lands of Dobruja, Moesia (Moisa), Macedonia and Thrace. 1185 - 1204 (Second) Bulgarian Empire re-occupies Moesia and most of Thrace and Macedonia from the Byzantines. - Part of Latin Empire (Empire of Romania), Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire overthrown by Crusaders.1206 - Empire of Nicaea (at Nkaia)(largest of the three main Byzantine successor states [Nicea, Epirus, and Trebizond]). There the government remained until , then staying at Cairo (Egypt) - 6/, moving to Italy (from at Cava dei Tirreni), and finally returning to Athens . Greece and Turkey continue discussions to resolve their complex maritime, air, territorial, and boundary disputes in the Aegean Sea; Cyprus question with Turkey; Greece rejects the use of the name Macedonia or Republic of Macedonia; the mass migration of unemployed Albanians still remains a problem for developed countries, chiefly Greece and Italy, in revolt, for Western Greece.

This change will expedite the club chartering process and is in accordance with board policy adopted in October 2016. Independence proclaimed (Greece, with Greek State as additional and ultimately preferred form). Ottomans recapture the Acropolis. International recognition of independence of Greece (by France, U. and Russia by London Protocol); encompassing the Morea (Peloponnese), Continental Greece and the Cyclades Islands.romanization system. 1877) Con (1st time) - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (s.a.) Mod (3rd time) - Ionnis Nikolou Kolttis (s.a.) Lib (2nd time) - Vacant - Kyrikos "Ktsos" Fotou Tzavlas (b. 1855) Lib (Tsavllas) - Gergios Andra Kountouritis (s.a.) Lib - Konstantnos Michal Kanris (s.a.) Con (2nd time) - Antnios Georgou Kriezs (b. 1865) Mod - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (s.a.) Mod (4th time) - Konstantnos Michal Kanris (s.a.) Con (acting for absent Mavrokordtos) - Dimtrios Georgou Volgaris (s.a.) Lib (1st time) - Athansios Andra Miaolis (b. The Great Council (Megli Snaxis) at Karys is established as the supreme authority in charge of Athonite affairs. 1821) calls together the abbots of the monasteries of Mount Athos in Karyes and declared the Greek revolution in Chalkidike (Chalkidik) peninsula.Dates for Greek records before 1822 are given according to Old Style (Julian) calendar, and after according to New Style (Gregorian) calendar. 1951) Non-party Logothetpoulos - Ionnis Dimitrou Rllis (b. 1946) Non-party (Tricoupis)(acting to ) - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (s.a.) Mod (1st time) - Ionnis Nikolou Kolttis (s.a.) Lib (Colettis)(1st time) (acting) - kmis Iosf Loudovkos rmansperg (s.a.) Non-party (= Joseph Ludwig Franz Xaver Graf von Armansperg) (chief secretary of state) - Igntios fon Rodchart (b. 1838) Non-party (Ipptis de Roudrt) (= Ignaz von Rudhart) - Vacant - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (s.a.) Mod (2nd time) - Vacant - Andras Ptrou Metaxs (s.a.) Con - Konstantnos Michal Kanris (b. 1783 Patriarch Gavril IV (Gregory IV) establishes a (6th) typikn for Mount Athos reorganizing its central administration. Ottomans suppress pro-Greek independence rebellion in Chalkidike peninsula area and garrison Athos.431 BC - 404 BC (Second) Peloponnesian War between the Delian League led by Athens against the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta.378 BC - 355 BC (Second) Athenian League, a coalition of Greek city-states, led by Athens, formed to fight the power of Sparta.

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