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The next day, in the afternoon, she stepped out of his house and her clothes had changed.

The same night, she again returned to his house, and did not see her leave even past midnight.

i thought maybe he didn't want to soak his feet because he didn't like it or maybe because it seemed dirty. i actually thought that was so endearing that he'd wear that kind of stuff. however, he has shown in hana kimi and summer x summer so far that he can be very versatile and believable.

i'm pretty much watching summer x summer at this point just for his scenes with the sister. I thought he was so cool when he scares the hell out of the kendo members.

I finally caught up with all 13 episodes of "Fated to Love You" over the weekend (I was so far behind). Not many people can go from Prince Charming (Owen) to arrogant jerk (Shen Le) to bumbling, shy-- and adorable-- dork (Qiao Sha). not to mention that he's GORGEOUS.] Xiao Tian is so HOT ..he's not so typical pretty boy handsome but then he's so HOT!! but apparently both side's management disapproved of the relationship - Yanyan was only 17 at that time and definitely a bigger star than Ethan was. he has the innocent, handsome, brash, sensitive, Korean-leading man feel about him.

he used to date Yanyan ( after they fell in love with each other while filming Green Forest, My Home.

This year, Ming Dao has 4 dramas waiting to broadcast in both mainland China and Taiwan, and in March, he will film a movie with China movie King – Xia Yu; his popularity is also red-hot.

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Friends revealed that Tiffany’s mum adopts an American method in educating her daughter and has a free attitude towards relationships.We would be glad to solve any problem you have ASAP.In the mean time, thank you very much for visiting and it would be great to help us spread a word. An eyewitness exposed Ethan Ruan went to a hotel with girl at early morning and didn't leave until the afternoon. Reporters asked Ethan about this and he admitted frankly, but said they stayed in a room that has a living room; the girl slept in the bedroom, and he slept in the living room. he totally has the charm to attract ppl ~ i think he looks awesome in all images but he looks the best when he's MODELING in pictures... in Fated he's not that HOT looking ( he really looks like Ming dao with this hair now ahhaha) but im glad he made a breakthru!! i think he's much more versatile and acts better than Xiao Zhong and Xiao Mei!

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