Exchange global address book not updating

This is because the Offline Address Book is empty or not available.

You can test this by browsing to the OAB using the Exchange Offline Address Book Url: The reason it can not be reached might be because it is a new installation. If you can reach the Management Console, go to the Offline Addressbooks and click on Update.

Using cmdlets like those below will save you time, more so when you realize that every Exchange 2010 configuration task has a faster command-line equivalent.

Furthermore, certain commands are ONLY available in the Shell, for example, new-Global Address List.

This is the master list of all the Exchange 2010 objects, and the operating system won't let you mess with it.Here is a quick way to copy the GAL to your persona contact list and therefore have everyone in your contact list.Go to new email in Outlook Click To In the contact list, filter by users and select all Right click and “Add to contacts” Update or update all to reflect changes Tom Arbuthnot is Principal Solutions Architect at Unified Communications specialist Modality Systems.As a learning progression, by all means start with GUI Exchange Management Console, but note as each Wizard completes so it shows you the corresponding Power Shell commands.Why not save these so that in future you can use the cmdlets in the Shell?

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