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“Is it an ongoing sexual relationship with a non-romantic partner versus going to a bar and picking someone up?We need a more fine-grain distinction.”“The survey doesn’t ask how they feel about casual sex, and I think culturally norms around casual sex are constantly evolving,” she says.However, she adds that based on this specific set of data “it looks more like acquaintances with benefits.”Another element that may obscure the millennial sexual landscape is how we define “sex.” The General Social Survey asks how many partners respondents had sex with, but the generation that grew up with the Lewinsky scandal blasting into our living rooms knows the answer to that question isn’t so simple.“It doesn’t specify what kind of sex.It’s the Bill Clinton question,” Twenge says with a bit of a laugh.Specifically, among 18-29 year olds who reported having sex outside of a monogamous relationship in the year prior to being surveyed, “35 percent of Gen X’ers in the late 1980s had sex with a casual date or pickup compared to 45 percent of millennials in 2010,” the study notes. How are millennials pulling of this sexual mathematics?Perhaps, with a little help from their friends.“I think ‘friends with benefits’ is considered in that casual sex number,” Wells says.However, it is by no means clear that millennials are more restrained in their sexual behavior.One of the first complicators: millennials are more likely to participate in casual sex, perhaps partially proving the penchant for hook-ups.“This data indicates that millennials are more likely to report having casual sex than earlier generations, jumping from 25 to 38 percent having ever engaged in casual sex,” Wells tells the Daily Beast.

They wouldn’t get swept up in a “free love” movement because they do not care enough about what others think of them. I’m going to make my own choices,” is how Twenge characterizes the millennial attitude.American adults are getting married at an older age and few of us are bothering to even do so.All of this leaves more time to add a few notches above the bedpost.Sexual Assault Awareness Month is almost over, but it’s never too late (or too soon! In a healthy relationship, both partners feel comfortable with the level of physical activity, whether that means holding hands, kissing, touching, and/or having intercourse.One aspect of your life that you always have complete control over is how far you want to take it with your romantic partner, your significant other, your crush or even someone you’re just hooking up with.

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