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The EU, UK, NZ, and AUS, and all "island" nations are for sure a lot more money due to the mandatory blood test and 90 waiting period that those countries demand. Now, everyone wants to know about the payment for a TRD??A simple bank deposit into my Bank of America account in California if you live in the USA or into my Bangkok Bank account here in Chiang Mai if you live in Thailand...OI just had a recent inquirer tell me she didn't trust sending money to a stranger.So, I told her come see me in person and stop being a stranger or call me by using one of these FIVE methods and again stop being a stranger..SAKORN was my first blue male born in October of 1993 who was the first blue male to enter the USA in 1994. There was a Thai man washing a car and when I asked him the question that everyone asks all over the world today..It was on March 15th of 1994 (23 years ago) that I came to Thailand on a well deserved holiday. I then bought the very first 3 MAI THAI or THAI DOG and shipped them back to San Francisco, California to be the first person to import them, show them, breed them, and sell them in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. I traveled with about 8 to 10 at one time an had as many as 33 TRD in New Jersey in 1997.

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The average cost for a good quality breeder TRD is about 00 plus or minus. Also the prices all vary due to what country you live in.To those other countries like the UK and all EU plus island nations is a required blood test with an automatic 90 wait period before we can ship them out at the 7th month.Many new inquirers and buyers ask me from time to time what does "Baan Sakorn TRD" mean and when did I start it! Baan Sakorn TRD translates to "The House of Sakorn" and TRD means Thai Ridgeback Dog.You can figure on paying from 0 to 00 depending on the colour and quality from most breeders worldwide.The vaccines, microchip, and any vet HC or checkups are on us. To some people that is okay and to one guy in Florida it was just too much..

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