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For more information about this false stereotype and myths about what it means to join the fight against sexism, check out this article!

While huge strides have been made towards complete gender equality, a great deal of work remains to be done, both in the US and abroad, including the gender pay gap, access to reproductive healthcare, protection against sexual assault and violence and gender representation in media, among other issues.

We're transsexual, female, male and gender queer; we're feminine, masculine, all of the above and none of the above.

We're pro-choice, pro-life, politically liberal and politically conservative. Unfortunately, feminists often face (false) stereotypes, including: If you have ever found yourself saying “I’m not a feminist, but I am for equality,” then ask yourself why you do not claim the title?

"But my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word.

The only thing that all feminists have in common is that we are all committed to achieving political, economic and social equality of sex, race and class.

Feminism encompasses a huge variety of people and positions.

For more information about the status of women's rights around the world, click here.

For more information about the status of women's representation in mass media, click here.

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