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Today, a bunch of kids from my building were all in my apartment, and I asked the group if anyone was a fan, because I needed someone to come to a bar with me and see if we could watch the game."I hate the Red sweatshirt. I would never be abroad in the spring, so I would never have that problem.""We would love to come with you," another roommate said sympathetically, "But I'm sorry Annie, baseball is just too long and too boring." fan in London. I will still be on the lookout for a fellow fan, but the prospects seem grim.

"Well, does anyone want to just go to a bar and watch the game anyway? ""That," she said, "Is why I came abroad for the fall.

The devotees had already been informed that they would be initiated and the date of the initiation was fixed.At every step, devotees are encouraged to remain blind and to avoid digging up the past, present or future.This inability to question leadership is one of the main reasons why so much corruption exists within ISKCON.Without being first appointed by the GBC, you do not have authority to initiate on Srila Prabhupada’s behalf.All the while that these rumors were going around, the official IRM “leaders” Krishnakant and Yaduraj, both from England, carefully avoided these topics.

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