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On 25 July 2003, Velasco received a "Third Show-cause Notice," together with copies of the affidavits of two Branch Managers of Mercury Drug, asking her for her comment within 48 hours.

Finally, on 29 July 2003, PFIZER informed Velasco of its "Management Decision" terminating her employment.

In a Decision dated November 23, 2005, the Court of Appeals upheld the validity of respondents dismissal from employment, the dispositive portion of which reads as follows: WHEREFORE, the instant petition is GRANTED.

The assailed Decision of the NLRC dated 20 October 2004 as well as its Resolution of 14 December 2004 is hereby ANNULED and SET ASIDE. Velascos employment in accordance with the two notice rule pursuant to the due process requirement and with just cause, her complaint for illegal dismissal is hereby DISMISSED.

On appeal, the NLRC affirmed the same but deleted the award of moral and exemplary damages.

Aside from mentioning about an investigation on her possible violations of company work rules regarding "unauthorized deals and/or discounts in money or samples and unauthorized withdrawal and/or pull-out of stocks" and instructing her to submit her explanation on the matter within 48 hours from receipt of the same, the notice also advised her that she was being placed under "preventive suspension" for 30 days or from that day to 6 August 2003 and consequently ordered to surrender the following "accountabilities;" 1) Company Car, 2) Samples and Promats, 3) CRF/ER/VEHICLE/SOA/POSAP/MPOA and other related Company Forms, 4) Cash Card, 5) Caltex Card, and 6) MPOA/TPOA Revolving Travel Fund.

The following day, petitioner Cortez together with one Efren Dariano retrieved the above-mentioned "accountabilities" from Velascos residence.

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