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If there is anything I’ve learned over the last seven years spent writing about men and relationships, it’s that knowledge is power. It grants you freedom from being stuck in dead-end relationships, from racking your brain trying to figure out what he’s thinking and how he feels.It frees you from the stress, insecurity, and worry that come with not knowing.Women often jump several steps ahead and place expectations on the situation …sometimes they aren’t even aware that this is what they’re doing. When you understand how men experience relationships, you won’t be confused about how he feels or where things are going.When he feels acknowledged and appreciated by you, he will want to acknowledge and appreciate you in return.You will no longer be left feeling drained, like you’re giving everything and getting nothing, because what you give will be received by him in a way that inspires him and makes him want to go above and beyond for you.

Granted, everyone likes to be acknowledged and appreciated, but women don’t need it in the same way and to the same extent that men do.

No one really talks about the one thing that every man wants and needs in a woman, the thing that will determine whether or not he commits for life.

Men want a woman who can happily receive what they have to give. Being a provider doesn’t mean he needs to make more money than you, or have a more prestigious job.

It means he wants to provide for you in ways that will make you happy.

This often has nothing to do with finances or material goods.

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