Forefront endpoint protection not updating

Through multilayered and defense-in-depth security, this solution helps defend infrastructure from malware and advanced Web-based threats, whether clients are on or off premises,and connected locally or remotely.The Secure Endpoint solution is part of Microsoft's Business Ready Security approach, which focuses on the principle that security is a means to a business end.

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Examine destination URLs for adherence with corporate policy, as well as for the malicious potential of a destination Web site, through Microsoft Reputation Services for URL filtering in Forefront TMGThe Secure Endpoint solution integrates with existing infrastructure, helping enterprises save security costs and protect corporate endpoints on the local network, at other organizations, or on the road.1.Integrate and Extend Security Across the Enterprise1.Extend native security features built into Windows to provide comprehensive security.2. Simplify the Security Experience and Manage Compliance1.Using existing investments such as System Center and Microsoft Windows Server6.Update Services, organizations can save time and resources by discovering and remotely deploying protection technologies such as updates and reporting.

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