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Harris Abigail, daughter of Joseph and Hannah, died in September, 1746, in her 8th year. Communicated by Miss Mary Abba Baker, ^(Continued) ... Gravestone Records from the Old Cemetery at "The Green," Middleborough, Mass. " Farewell dear husband & children " Hall Mehitable, Miss,, died 31 May, 1815, in her 63d year. , Joseph Baker born 3 of Aug 1 18 10 \ Jairus Baker born 16 th of Sep r 18 12. Sarah Crowel born March 24 1792 Joshua Crowel born May 15 1794 [p. Mary Horton born June 26 1805 Jonathan Bassett and Hannah his wife A Record of the names and Births of their Childre[n] Jonthan Bassett born 18 of Sep r 1771 Rocksa Bassett A Record of the births and names of her Children Horris Jerrils a natural son of Said Rocksa born 18 of May 1794 [p. an admonition Sent by y e Pastor to Rachel Gray agreeable to y e Vote of y e Chh on y e 23 Inst July 5 . [On Keen monument.] Lydia, widow of Simeon, died 19 June, 1797, in her 69th year. Susanna, widow of Benjamin, died 7 October, 1853, aged 78 years. of Nov r 1793 Hannah Bangs born 29 of Oct r 1795 Barna* Bangs born 10 th Decem r 1798 Allen Bangs born i th of June 1800 Phebe Bangs born 1 of Nov r 1802 Jonathan Bangs Born 24 Feb r 1806 Joshua Berry Bangs born 25 Sep r 1808. 1810 Eunis Berry Bangs born 7 th July 18 12 Mary Burr Bangs born 4 th Sep r 181 4 Zenas Bangs born Nov r 5 . 85] Isaiah Baker and Abigail his Wife A Record of the births and Names of their Children Isaiah Baker born 6 of March 1793 David Baker born 15 of August 1794 by his wife Molly Sitney Baker born March 19 th 1808 Mary Baker born 3 of Aug 1 1810 ) . 1 6 Dennis, Mass., Vital Records Joshua Crowel and Sarah his Wife A record of the Births and Names of their Children Ebenezer Crowel born Ja r n . Feb r 26 1787 John Crowel born Dec r 23 1789 The above Children were all born in the Province of Nova Scotia. Winslo* ~\ Esq; & Bethiah his Daughter — & Tho s Snow Jun r & Betty wife of Josiah Crosbey June 30 . [O n Keen monument.] Lucy, wife of Isaac, born 4 November, 1786 ; died 26 November, 1876. xviii illustration Autographs of Peregrine 2 White ' Autographs., of Peregrine 2 White I;,' Bowman . 1806 Susanna Nickerson born 18 th Aug 1 18 10 Thomas Baxter and Prudence his wife A Rcord of the Births and names of ther Children Thomas Baxter born 2 of Sep r 1791 Chalana Baxter born 9 of Aug. 1793 Jedida Baxter born 1 of Feb r 1796 Jonathan Baxter born 22 of Jany 1803 Jane Baxter born 8 of July . Baptized Josiah Samuel & [*] Children of Thomas Clark Jun r Baptized Lemuel a Son of Isaac Foster Jun r & Sarah his Wilc- ox 6 Baptized Elisha Son of Elisha Clark. Benj n Berry & 's Wife owned y e Covenant desiring Baptism for himself & child. Diana Reed, wife of Isaac, born 27 February, 1817; died 21 January, 1838. 84] James Nickerson J ur and Susannah his wife A Record of the Births and names of ther Children Patience Nickerson born 8 of May 1794 James Nickerson born 22 of oct r 1798 Ruth Nickerson born ith of No r 1801 Keziah Nickerson born Sep r 18 . Baptized Isaac & Keziah Children of Isaac & Jane Davis. Baptized Mary Daughter of Kenelm Winslow Jun r & Bethiah Daughter of Tho s Snow Jun r Aug st 18 . At y e same Date Tho s Clark Jun r & his Wife owned y e Baptismal Covenant desiring Baptism for their Children * Of the year 1765. Records of the First Parish in Brewster 37 Sep r 22 . [On her husband's stone.] Faith, wife of John, died 2 January, 1793, in her 57th year. Christiana, wife of Simeon, died 4 October, 1821, in her 56th year. [On her husband's stone.] Walter, son of David and Mary, died 29 August, 1758, aged 3 years,, 1 month, 26 days. Sarah, widow of Allen, died 14 February, 1853, aged 88 years.

Hatch Allen, died 27 February, 1831, aged 67 years. Isaac, son of Ebenezer and Chloe, died 17 April, 18 16, aged 1 year, 10 months, 4 days. Baptized Scoto Son of Elisha Clark & Tabitha Daughter of Isaac Crosbey Aug st 9 . Baptized Ebenezer Son of Kimbal Clark & Nathan Son of Isaac Davis Dec r Baptized Rhoda Daughter of Enos & Rhoda Snow {To be continued) PLYMOUTH COLONY DEEDS Transcribed by the Editor 46 Records from Old Burial Ground, Marshfield RECORDS FROM THE OLD BURIAL GROUND AT THE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, MARSHFIELD, MASS, Communicated by John W. Abigail, daughter of Joseph and Sarah, died 29 July, 1745, in her 1 6th year. Joseph and Ann, died 6 September, 1776, aged 1 year, 6 months. Sarah, widow of Solomon, died 25 April, 1758, aged 84 years. COLORADO SOCIETY the annual meeting 21 November, 1910: William Kossuth Mc Allister Joshua Freeman Grozier Edward R. Hathaway Chloe, widow of Ebenezer, died 9 June, 1845, aged 77 years. Isaac, son of Ebenezer and Chloe, died 18 April, 1790, aged 1 year, 3 months, 18 days. Receiv d to fulf Comunion Mercy wife of Isaac Crosbey & Baptized Hannah Daughter of Reuben & Jerusha Clark July 26 . Baptized Priscilla Daugh r of Tho s Clark Jun r 0c l 26 . 251) Hewett — Huet Abby, died 16 November, 1840, aged 28 years. Charles Morgridge Tobie, Portland, sixth from John Alden. Miss Frances Amelia Atkins, Portland, sixth from John Alden. Mercy, daughter of Joseph and Hannah, died in September, 1746, in her 7th year. Records from Thompson Street Cemetery, Halifax i 3 Harris (Continued) Huldah, daughter of Joseph and Hannah, died 16 May, 1759, in her 2d year.

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