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Although Defendant recognized in 2008 that many of its vehicles contained Engine Problems, it actively concealed from the public, and the owners of this Class of Vehicles, the need to perform certain services and/or repairs to remedy these defective and potentially life threatening conditions.Defendant chose not to inform its dealership network, or others who received the TSB, that the aforementioned Engine Problems were under Express Warranty, which the defendant was under a contractual duty to service and/or repair.As per to your instructions ,exempted units are: All section 1 units, Sec 2 Economics and sec 3 financial management. Am interested in doing CPA exams,can I be exempted from doing public finance and taxation and company law since i did those units in campus please? The Engine Problems in this case did not arise in the named Plaintiffs’ vehicles until 2012, at which time the breach of warranty was discovered and realized.

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Hey Admin, Am sitting for CPA SEC 6 this November, I have been considering taking up CCP next year(as its in line with what am currently doing) I did B. Each paper in section 5 is sh.3,300 two papers in sec 5 is sh.6600 and in case you fail all the 3 papers in that section you pay 6600 just like in the case of 2 papers. If the third paper that you failed is in section 6 then you pay for it sh.3300. Now speaking of registration deadline, just received an sms alert concerning collection of certificates and waiver beinh given. what is the procedure of applyng for this exemptions Am student proceeding with ATD 1 after failing a single paper on both May & November 2017 exams,hoping to pass May 2018 exams, my question is,after passin ATD 1 will you be issued a certificate or till you finish ATD 3Hi, my name is Vincent Aloo.

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