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The other half I apprentice with the owner, working to repair and evaluate our merchandise. It was immediately clear to him how much fun she was having, as every sway of her hips was accompanied by a fun, flirty grin, followed by the occasional hair flip. Soon, however, the moment Josh had been dreading appeared.

I’m hoping to be able to own my own store one day.” “Ah, that’s ... Worst case, I’d crush your feet.” Giggling, she replied, “I’d say it’s worth the risk. ” The bartender quickly brought two shot glasses forward for them. Derek’s band slowed their groove to a soft ballad, perfect for slow dancing.

cool.” Becky detected a hint of something in Josh’s voice, but she couldn’t be sure what it was. She had no idea what would cause that, but decided not to force that issue at this time. But, I totally get that some people need a little liquid courage before hitting the dance floor. Becky gave a naughty look before expertly downing hers, slamming the glass back onto the bar. Josh hesitated for several seconds, debating in his head as he frequently did. As Becky moved in closer, Josh began to sweat and pant, feeling another anxiety attack coming on.

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Yet, all of his quirks and awkwardness melted away in her eyes when she saw him smile and laugh with his friend for the first time. I know it’s been a year, and I’m more mature now, but is that enough? She sauntered across the room towards the taller man, watching him begin to set up his band’s equipment. As his frustration began to boil into anger at himself, his thoughts were interrupted by a sweet giggle from a few seats down. Please, I’ve heard much worse.” Gesturing to the seat next to him, she asked, “May I? This one wasn’t born out of fear or anger, but excitement and confusion. “Now then, if I’m not mistaken, it looks like you just arrived, am I right? Afraid that merely shaking her hand would trigger the anxiety attack he had been fighting the last several minutes, Josh simply took another sip of his drink, trying to pass it off as coincidence. ‘Course, anyone who graduates is a success there, no matter how long it takes.” “Wow, that hard? Raising his Corona, Josh said, “They don’t call it Architorture for nothing! Switched to computer science and engineering after freshman year.” “And what does one such as you do with that degree? Shaking his head, Josh replied, “Eh, techie stuff, pretty boring overall.” “Oh, come on!“Alright then, I see you have it passcode protected,” Josh observed. Here, try it with mine,” Josh said, handing Becky his i Phone 6s. So how did you make your i Phone think that it’s owned by him? I just created a dummy contact in the phone, then went into the settings to make that contact the one the phone recognizes as the owner.” “Huh, so if I do this...” Becky fiddled with her phone for a few minutes before trying the Siri trick once more, this time being told the phone belonged to Eva Longoria. You catch on fast.” “I try,” Becky replied, blushing a little.“Of course, and thumbprint locked.” “So, that’s pretty good security, right? ” Smirking, Josh said, “Watch this.” Holding down the center button, he managed to pull up the Siri voice commands without unlocking the phone. ” “This i Phone belongs to Becky Juarez.” Becky’s eyes widened as Siri began to display her name, phone number, email address, and even her street address. “So I take by your lack of accent that you aren’t a local, is that right? Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas,” Becky said.He looked somewhat overweight for his height, maybe 225 pounds and just over six feet tall, she guessed. “Name’s Derek, lead singer and guitarist of the Derek Brooks Band.” “Pleasure, I’m Becky,” she smiled back. ” With a slight laugh, Derek replied, “Yeah, he’s single. Besides, the last thing he needed was another anxiety attack.His black hair was short and curly, and his face was outlined a thin goatee and mustache. “Listen, I actually wanted to ask you about your friend over there. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a gorgeous woman chatting with Derek across the bar, no doubt smitten with the good-looking musician. Continuing to devour his meal, Josh got careless with one of the nachos, and a large glob of cheese dripped from the chip and onto his polo.

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