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Mail is delivered and distributed once per day to the students’ locked mailboxes, Monday through Saturday.For packages and special delivery items (registered mail, postage-due, express mail, telegrams, flowers, balloons, etc.), students receive a written notice in the mailbox and must present their UC ID to retrieve the item during posted pick-up hours.The consequences associated with sexual registration are something the best criminal defense attorneys always considers when evaluating a case and especially when plea bargaining with the prosecutor.Trying to resolve a sexually oriented case with the lowest registration requirements possible or even negotiating a guilty plea to a more serious charge that does not carry any registration requirements is always something an experienced defense attorney will consider.Always mark your items with your return address and mail them so that the return address and postmark are consistent.Address the package properly (see details at right). Do not send items that would create a bulge, lump or stain or items that could leak liquid or powder.Use the Title IX Reporting Form for reporting potential violations around sex-based discrimination/harassment and sexual violation.Our Resident Education and Development (RED) team is responsible to provide leadership in the development of a positive community environment in the halls.

Call to let your student know a package is en route.Furthermore, Tier II requires registration every 180 days for 25 years.Tier I requires registering once a year for 15 years-though an offender can petition the court to remove him or her after 10 years.Do not use “UC” or “University of Cincinnati” in the address. If sending a liquid or powder is essential, pack the item in a spill-proof, sealed bag to contain any spill.Pack items carefully and use appropriate insurance.

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