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If at any moment a Party reduces its applied most-favoured-nation (hereinafter referred to as "MFN") customs duty rate after the entry into force of this Agreement, that duty rate shall apply as regards trade covered by this Agreement if and for as long as it is lower than the customs duty rate calculated in accordance with its Schedule included in Annex 2-A.4.

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Article 2.6Standstill Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, including as explicitly set out in each Party’s Schedule included in Annex 2-A, neither Party may increase any existing customs duty, or adopt any new customs duty, on an originating good of the other Party.Unless the Parties otherwise agree by decision of the Committee on Trade in Goods, any processor, retailer, restaurant, hotel, food service distributor or institution, or any other person is eligible to apply for, and to be considered to receive, a TRQ allocation.Any fees charged for services related to an application for a TRQ allocation shall be limited to the actual cost of the services rendered;(c) except as specified in Appendix 2-A-1 of its Schedule included in Annex 2-A, it does not allocate any portion of a TRQ to a producer group, condition access to a TRQ allocation on the purchase of domestic production, or limit access to a TRQ allocation to processors; and(d) it allocates TRQs in commercially viable shipping quantities and, to the maximum extent possible, in the amounts that importers request.The Parties shall implement their commitments on sector-specific non-tariff measures on goods in accordance with the commitments set out in Annexes 2-B through 2-E.2.Three years after the entry into force of this Agreement and on the request of either Party, the Parties shall consult to consider broadening the scope of their commitments on sector-specific non-tariff measures on goods.

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