Free web cam viewing

The program works with multiple USB webcams and Axis Internet Protocol cameras (or IP).Depending on the number of cameras connected to the system, you can view them in panels of various sizes.Furthermore, if you want to view a more detailed image of what is happening outside, it can be set to full screen.When you add a new camera to the system, various details need to be provided, such as the device type, display fonts, image resolution and working schedule.

It does its job with minimum effort and relies on a plain and simple interface.

There are no other settings and this can be only good news for beginners, especially given the fact that Webcam Viewer was developed to bring back a feature that was until now available in Windows by default.

No high CPU usage was experienced during our testing and everything went smoothly on Windows 7 machines.

Surveillance systems can be quite expensive, but you can lower the prices by putting together one of your own.

A few cameras, a computer and the appropriate program are all that is required.

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