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In the case of the Duke of Sussex, the last person to hold that title, King George III’s sixth son Prince Augustus Frederick, who died in 1843 with no heir.

The title has been vacant since then, and Markle would likewise become the first ever Duchess of Sussex. The royal wedding has always been something of a Hollywood affair, but this year the bride-to-be is actually a Hollywood star, Meghan Markle of the show "Suits." And because of her added celebrity being engaged to Prince Harry, she can now attract some serious A-listers to their big wedding day on May 19.

She did, however, offer to sell him a Bible-shaped cake and provide an icing bag so that he could decorate it as he saw fit.

The customer filed a complaint alleging religious discrimination, which is also prohibited by Colorado’s public accommodations law.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission found Phillips liable for sexual-orientation discrimination, which is prohibited by the state’s public accommodations law.

State courts have upheld the commission’s decision.

At first glance, the Masterpiece Cakeshop case — for which the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments on Dec. In 2012 Charlie Craig and David Mullins attempted to buy a wedding cake at Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colo.

Phillips made it clear to the gay couple that he would happily sell them other items: birthday cakes, cookies, and so on.If you’ve been calling Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge “Princess Kate” this whole time, you’d be wrong.And though you might like how it sounds, “Princess Meghan” will be just as inaccurate after Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry this weekend.I know, I know, we like the idea of Markle becoming a princess like in a Hollywood movie, but the way these royal designations work is complicated.To be a “princess,” you have to be the child of a monarch and inherit the title from your mother or father.

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