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Since Charlie and Roger are never in agreement, but w more votes in Roger’s hands, my application is vetoed and I then stay a regular citizen node in this Fast Cryptocurrency Payment DAPP.Since most people aren’t exactly trying to figure out how the system works, but the economic incentives behind this topic, so let’s cut to the chase, If you want exact numbers, you can’t today.Becoming a delegate is more like running a project where you’ll need to write proposals, you’ll need coding and scripting skills, you’ll need to provide certain level of security, you’ll need to market and gain users (votes) etc.

In order to clarify this, lets try a real life example Litecoin as a community joins ICON interchain, Charlie Lee is the C-Rep for Litecoin.Instead, ICON uses a Delegated Proof of Stake system.Let’s first take a brief look at what masternodes are, Masternodes are full nodes setup to keep the network healthy and serve particular functions within the network.Roger Ver on the other end, brings Bitcoin Cash to ICON, a C-Rep of BCH.Now we have both LTC and BCH in ICON Republic, these communities are grouped to ‘Fast Crytocurrency Payments’.

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