Friend dating my crush

She said that she had been in love before, but the prior love had felt healthier somehow—a more positive, mutual experience.The more recent experience had a whole different set of features.In her book : *Intense romantic desire *A compulsive, obsessive, addictive quality to the experience *The attachment increases in the presence of barriers *Intrusive thoughts and fantasies about the love object *Emotional swings from bliss to despondency, depending on the most recent interaction with the Love Object *An uptick of chemical activity in the brain, powerful rushes of dopamine *Feels intensely pleasurable but can also make the limerent person feel physically ill *Usually unrequited *More emphasis on winning the attention of the love object, less on sexual consummation *Heroic fantasies of saving the love object and creating a feeling of gratitude in that person *Extreme attachment to the point of dependence *Can become self-destructive and might lead to stalking or suicide Limerence starts in a way that is similar to the first wave of a new romance, a time of discovery, hope, fear and desire.Soon it crosses a line and goes too far, becoming pathological, especially if the person loses the ability to function on a daily basis. It wasn’t just a crush—that pleasant, fleeting feeling of liking someone a lot—nor was it secure love, which is a deep and abiding attachment to someone, a feeling that develops and is sustained over time.One of three ways: This endpoint occurs when the feelings are not reciprocated and the limerent person loses hope.

This wiki How will help you understand what a crush is and figure out whether or not you actually have a crush on someone.

If the limerent person is distracted by a new love object, attention can be diverted away from the former love object and toward the new one. It can take a person from a moment of pure ecstasy down into the pit of despair.

It creates concentration problems, weight issues, work difficulties, and disrupts healthy connections between couples.

There is nothing more to strive for, the goal has been achieved, and at that point the relationship either begins to wind down or settles into secure attachment.

This endpoint occurs when a new love object enters the picture.

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