Fun creative dating ideas

If you run out of conversation topics, you can always discuss whatever the tour guide said, plus you’ll get to drink something that isn’t PBR."—natasham12 "Go to Ikea or some similar store and take samples of stuff like carpet and paint colors and plan out a house together. Then, make as many different sandwiches as you can with said ingredients, and pack up the sandwiches and go to a park and eat and rank the sandwiches.

It’s so much fun and extremely sweet to think about with someone you think you might spend your life with."—mollyg476c49d75 "It gets us out and moving, plus it's cost effective. If you're with the right person, this is insanely fun.

A wedding invitation, saved wine cork, concert/plane ticket, copy of children's birth records, meaningful photos, love letters and anything else that is unique to the story of your love.

Be sure to include a note to the capsule's future retrievers.

Explore your city through the eyes of a tourist by visiting historical landmarks, museums and food establishments.

Inhale the wonder of seeing something for the first time.

It is said in dating, one should always trade up, well how about scaling up… That's right, tap into your inner adventurer and try rock climbing on your next date -- just don't wear a skirt!

Shop for necessary ingredients and then create a culinary masterpiece together!"One of the best dates my boyfriend and I ever went on was when I took him climbing.I was able to teach him something I knew a lot about and give him pointers and tips to learn his technique. along so they can learn a little bit more about what you do and you can teach them and show them what you know."—spookydelight "You get to get some jitters out by walking around while you’re making conversation, and you have something (the animals) to divert your attention and ease the awkwardness.Plus, you’re never bored and there’s always something to talk about at an amusement park!"—Fnch Darcy "If you’re both drinkers, it's a great idea.

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