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Please list what you are bringing though so we can plan for it. This is your opportunity to get involved and share your unique game with the convention and showcase your talents for it's attendees.The Table-top Gaming room comprises two large rooms, fit out with twelve rectangular and 16 round banquet tables to accomodate all types and styles of games.Been part of the fandom for over 10 years now, and hopefully some time before the end of this year I'll have my first fursuit. So if you would like to message me or even meet just hit me up Fur Forged hosts its first furmeet in the King of Prussia mall! Learn more about the activities that this furmeet will be engaging in over the next year and/or just to hang out! It has a private bathroom, and entrance, there is parking behind and in front of the house.

Hi there, my name is Jonthan, I go by Jonny, my common alias Toa Ignicus or even by my fursona's name Ampere.More often, however, the male is fooled by another male, generally much older, who will impersonate his "dream girl" for his own sick, sadistic pleasure. " 50yr old bald, obese guy sitting naked at computer, scratching double chin and eating cheetos: "16/F/hopefully in your bedroom soon ;) " Horny Teenager: "Wanna cyber?!?!" 50yr old dude: "Thought you'd never ask!!!!!Just a taste of what you miss in the God Level Suite, besides all the obvious perks of unlimited drinks & food - here's a quick clip of a VR-controlled micro-drone flitting around the God-Level suite one day at #FWA2018.#Go God Level FWA @Furry Weekend Atl We have fun up there. Our application form is up, and will remain open until May, 31.

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