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The bishop was convinced of the miracle and built a church in honor of the event.According to the story of the Lady of Guadalupe, Mary spoke in the Nahuatl language when she appeared to Diego.

The rocks became as precious gold; the earth sparkled like emeralds and multi-colored jewels; even the shrubs and prickly pears were splattered with a sheet of color, as if their thorns had been changed into stained glass.

Children are dressed in traditional costumes and are blessed in churches. Our Lady of Guadalupe Day is not a federal public holiday Mexico, but it is a religious festival, so many streets, roads, and transport providers are busy on December 12.

It is an optional holiday for some workers and a holiday for banks and other financial sector organizations.

We carefully prepare every meal with pride and use nothing but the freshest ingredients.

“Listen and let it penetrate your heart…do not be troubled or weighed down with grief. It was a long journey for anyone to make two days in a row; that’s twenty-four miles of walking, and his aging limbs were beginning to feel the toll.

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