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"We were pleased with it, but then we took a step back and realized that it wasn't right.It would have been easy to say we'd done enough, to release an album to keep up the momentum, but we didn't." In the end, Buckland is glad they went back to the studio so they would have an album they were satisfied with and would be proud to tour with for two years.That same year, Coldplay also won three NME (New Music Express) Carling Awards, for Best New Artist, Best Single ("Yellow"), and Session of the Year, for a live BBC show.Before releasing their album, the band had been playing in small pubs across Britain, but after the success of Parachutes, band members headed to the United States for their first headlining tour."We used to play in bathrooms, the basement, even in the park," Martin said in the group's biography posted on its website.

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Eventually, all of those rehearsals paid off and the young men felt confident enough to make a recording, which they called Safety.

In 2000, Coldplay released its first album, Parachutes, which quickly shot to the top of the British charts. For a rock album, it had a quieter sound than most bands, yet was full of raging emotion.

"We were trying to say that there is an alternative," Martin said on the band's website.

Coldplay members, however, felt the album needed something more.

"There was a feeling it was almost going too smoothly," Buckland related on the band's website.

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