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With the support of the local ACLU chapter, Hannity received permission to return to his show.

Instead, he leveraged the publicity surrounding the KCSB controversy into his first paid radio position, at WVNN in Athens, Alabama, in 1990.

Hannity became an early and vocal supporter of fellow New Yorker Donald Trump’s 2016 bid for the White House.

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Trump officials also became frequent guests, and Hannity was credited with shoring up Trump’s support among the Republican base after a series of upheavals during the campaign, including Trump’s ongoing personal attacks on his critics, accusations of sexual harassment by several women and the release of a 2005 tape in which Trump was heard to use disparaging and sexist language about women.Hour one of the Todd and Don Show: • People are protesting the Starbucks store that called police on two black men.The men wanted to use the restroom but did not purchase anything and were asked to leave and arrested.• A Boston Professor, Kerry Cronin, is offering extra credit to students who will go out on a date sober and without physical contact to develop relationships• The Austin Transportation Department has created a Demand Management Program that trying to get Austinites to not use their car.Within a few years, Hannity’s afternoon program topped the local market, and he made a name for himself in conservative circles, including forging an early relationship with Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich.It was in Alabama that Hannity also met his future wife Jill Rhodes.

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