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After dating for nearly a year, the couple outed themselves in a New Year Twitter message sent out to their combined 249,000 followers.Dell, who is a reporter for the New England Sports Network (NESN), also tweeted photos of herself and Middlebrooks celebrating the New Year with friends.Mike is a coach with the Fresno State Athletics and the California State University.Heidi has three siblings, a brother named Josh and two sisters.This version of BSMW is on Word Press.com, which is a different entity and does not use plugins.I’m sure I’ll be tweaking things here and there, so don’t be surprised to see minor changes, but things should be pretty stable from here on out.The previous edition of BSMW (as in, last week) was a self-hosted Word Press site using the software from Word

He arrived in Boston in the mid-1950’s, and according to Howard Bryant’s had been told to avoid talking about race and the Red Sox, even while they were the last remaining MLB team to integrate.

Heidi Watney is an American sportscaster who works for the MLB network as a host and reporter.

Watney’s career is an enviable one, considering how much success she has achieved within a short space of time.

Still, it was enough that NESN needed to do something.

Dell might have left the Red Sox soon enough anyway. Anyone who believes females seek sports reporting positions because of their love for sports is a fool.

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