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She is the daughter of the late Frank Bertinelli, the fiancée of the late Michael Staton, and the ex-girlfriend turned enemy of Oliver Queen.

She was set on destroying her father's crime empire.

After they separated, Nick Salvati went there to collect protection money.

Before her father's crew could hurt anyone, she and Oliver, as the Hood, separately stepped in and fought them.

Needing to attend to another meeting, Frank asked Helena to go to dinner consolidated.

Although both were initially unwilling, they ended up enjoying the date to Russo's.

After sleeping with Oliver, she left in the night and tried to shoot Zhishan to spark a conflict between the Triad and her father.

Luckily Oliver managed to save her, and she left the city after realizing that Oliver wasn't on her side.He talked about how they found out about Michael and threatened to kill her the same way he killed Michael.Oliver stopped him and just then, Oliver and Helena freed themselves and fought Nick and his men, killing Nick and a few others.He also created a costume and mask to conceal her identity.The two took down a drug warehouse of her father, without killing anyone.

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