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The students design a series of flexible and interactive multidisciplinary modules and plan semester-long research projects.Back to top of page I am director of the Joint ANU-NUS Master of Science in Science Communicatione.It is targeted at science and mathematics teachers and others who are interested in a career in science communication.Back to top of page I give a lot of public lectures on mathematics, astronomy, art and education.Back to top of page Together with Denny Leung I've introduced a course called “Why Calculus? It includes a two complete course packages for mathematics students, but also information from students from other disciplines.

The Special Programme in Science was founded in 1996 as an an interdisciplinary programme for a select group of undergraduates with a deep passion for science.

Together with Keith Phua Kuan Wee of CITA I have recorded video clips to help you understand astronomical concepts.

Back to top of page What is “wrong” with the Singapore flag? I have a page on The Mathematics and Astronomy of the Singapore Flag.

The difference between the earliest and latest sunrise in 30 minutes, but the difference between the longest and shortest day is only 8 minutes.

I'm working on a paper called The Analemma from a Tropical Point of View.

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