How to run msn messenger without updating

But still, we can fight to keep this from happening.

By downloading Messenger for Desktop, you acknowledge that it is not an official app and that it is not affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook.

If the chat has dried up it might be time to get some fun going - and that's now easier than ever thanks to Messenger's in-built games.

Hit the little plus symbol when you're in a conversation and then tap the 'games' icon.

Away from your phone or trying to stay under the radar?

Fear not: Facebook has a full, standalone web-based Messenger service. - you've a phone-like Messenger interface right there on your PC, without having full Facebook open to distract you with its cheeky memes.

In many cases even midrange devices can't handle the ballooning suck on memory.

So, to keep you abreast of the best developments - and to ensure your chat game is on point - here are 21 Facebook Messenger tips and tricks that you might not know about.

The difference between this client and unofficial ones that you can find online is that Messenger Lite can work in the background and send notifications for messages from your friends, like triggering vibrations or lighting up the device's screen when there is any activity.

In practical terms, it has the same features as the original client without taking up as much space and consuming as many resources, which is what Facebook applications are generally known for.

Here are some of the most popular and efficient ones available (plus a tool to create your own lite apps as a bonus).

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