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The full-length porches on the first and second stories were designed to catch breezes during Charleston’s humid summers.

For their design work, the Edwardses turned to architect Bill Huey, who has been practicing in Charleston since 1987.

On the first-floor piazza, temporary supports stand in for the original wood columns, which were removed for restoration. Charleston single houses have two-story open-air porches, known as piazzas, which run the full length of the house, and are built on the south or west side to take advantage of prevailing breezes.

Another nod to Charleston’s hot, humid summers is high ceilings—10 feet on the first and second floors of the Edwards house.

He knows about the city’s fortunes and also its not-so-fortunate times.

“Charlestonians have always cared about their old homes,” Huey says.

The couple knew all along that they wanted a brick house—something Ansonborough is known for, with many built after the fire of 1838.

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The Edwardses’ 1840s home is known as a single house, an indigenous Charleston style built to fit the city’s long, narrow lots, with the gable end facing the street.There’s no shortage of old houses to fix up in Charleston, South Carolina, but it can feel like a Goldilocks search trying to find one that’s “just right.” Scott and Kathleen Edwards hunted for almost two years before they came across exactly what they were looking for: a house in the Ansonborough neighborhood, with its lively restaurants and shopping, that hadn’t been recently modernized.They first moved to the city from Michigan almost 25 years ago, then raised their children in the suburbs.“It was just what we were looking for,” says Scott.“Not much, if any, work had been done in a long time.” The house’s lines were a draw too.

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