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Now, I'm not talking about the average flake, and I'm not talking about the girl that after failing to create that dance, that synchronicity, she doesn't see herself being with you.This is not that, and I'm not talking about this kind of girl. This compulsive friend-zoner might have been preexisting.She stereotypes and creates associations she has towards men, either because she feels empowered and enjoys the attention and chase, or because she has a lousy experience with men. This is a situation where you have to be upfront and direct with this kind of woman and exemplify the value and respect you have for yourself.Pay half for everything, and make it known she's wasting your time.However, the true intentions of this women do not actually desire a boyfriend, though she might say so.

Given, I'm not looking for someone with a rigid foundation, some people are, and this may be a little of personal choice, but as far as I know, it's a precursor to dating/relationship failure long term.

However, because of the movements going on, between feminine power taking rise (which I am not opposed too), and gender roles being confused within the dating/relationship/social world, there is now a new red flag to be weary about.

The compulsive friend-zoner is simply a woman who has lost touch with her feminity, and gender role if she is a feminine woman.

Always appreciate what some puts out and gives you, their time especially.

As we get older time becomes more of an asset, and with women, time is just as essential.

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