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"I've got some good news and some bad news for you.

The bad is your baby is ginger, the good news is it's stillborn".

I see the Aussies didn't do very well in the Olympics, but then if they could run, they wouldn't have been Australians in the first place.

-- My mate asked me "What is the shortest race in the Olympics?

Favourite expression "I guess it's just one of those days"... Relies on Ball Retriever Guy to occasionally fetch clubs out of lake. " DELUSIONAL GUY Defining characteristics: Forces group to wait on every par 5 because he's convinced he can get home in two. Favourite expression: "If I really catch it, I can get there". THE PLUMB BOBBER Defining characteristics: The only guy in the group not to notice the foursome behind yelling from the fairway as he lines up his putt for double from every angle imaginable.

THE CHEAT Defining characteristics: A sympathetic figure when he pushes his tee shot deep into the woods.In those days believe it or not the athletes performed naked.To prevent unwanted arousal while competing, the men imbibed freely on drink containing saltpeter before and throughout the variety of events. is about ,000, with consumption making up only 35% of the economy, due to the high levels of savings and corporate profits.An old nympho was walking down the beach, saw the toe sticking up, pulled down her bikini bottom and squatted over the toe.She humped away till she was satisfied, pulled up her bikini bottoms and left.

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