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There’s a lot of pizazz on the MBI International website but not much substance.

The ruse appears to be feigned success through a bunch of possibly unrelated companies, whereas as an MLM opportunity all MBI International offer is chain-recruitment and Ponzi investment.

There’s no substance to this subtext however, with there being no supporting evidence provided on the MBI International website linking the two metrics.

Logically if MBI International’s subsidiaries were successful companies in their own right, there’d be no need to solicit affiliate investment.

After they’ve signed up, MBI International affiliates earn commissions by recruiting new affiliates.

This is chain-recruitment and most definitely a pyramid scheme. Affiliates receive points, which they can double via “splitting”, and cash them out based on a point-value set by MBI International.

Commissions are paid out as positions in the binary are filled, using a 1:1 pairing ratio.Direct recruitment commissions are paid out as a percentage of funds new MBI International affiliates spend on their affiliate package.How much of a percentage is paid out is determined by which package the recruiting affiliate signed up with: The first type of residual recruitment commissions MBI International pay out are binary commissions.As per Teow’s MBI International corporate bio; More than 30 years of marketing experience. He was unwilling to be ordinary that makes him dare to face any new challenges and set up MBI International Group in 2009.Possibly due to language barriers (MBI International are based out of Malaysia), I was unable to put together an MLM history on Teow.

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