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There are a number of things about you that might make people take a step back. Your unique personality may be intimidating people.Having an intimidating personality has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with how people perceive you.Many of us do not figure out exactly how strong we are until we're in a situation that leaves us with no other choice but to be strong.A strong, or "intimidating" personality type, can mean something different for everyone.But there are a few traits and characteristics that seem to be inherent in all of them.Here are five ways to tell if you have an intimidating personality: Intellectual conversation can be hard to come by, but strong personality types prefer it to the mundane banter that most people turn to in social settings.It’s important, however, to be aware of how people perceive you so that you can enjoy fulfilling relationships and understand where others are coming from.

Above all else, you do not tolerate people who are ignorant. Someone who knows better but chooses to believe the worst things they hear without questioning it for themselves just solidifies their own stupidity.People are so closed off some times that when someone comes along and calls bullshit on their way of thinking, they don’t like that.You are open to hearing points of view and arguments for both sides of the story. Rather than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, you take action and find solutions to your problems.Either way, it’s good to know where you stand so you can decide how you want the world to see you.Here are 10 signs your unique personality is intimidating others.

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