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On September 17th, 1907, the Cork Examiner has this to say: Though the club has only been a short time in existence, it has rapidly become very popular.Each week the membership increases and there is every indication that the club will shortly occupy a very prominent position amongst southern golfing clubs.The Muskerry name, perhaps, was derived from the adjoining Cork and Muskerry Light Railway Line (or the Muskerry Tram as it was popularly known) but the club’s roots in the Barony of Muskerry may also have been a consideration.The development certainly caught the imagination and The World of Golf magazine (Irish Section) of April 25, 1907 had this to say: A single golf course for a sporting town like Cork was not keeping up with the times and, we are not surprised that a friendly rival to the Little Island course has arisen.It only remains for me to formally declare the Muskerry Golf Club open and to wish it long life and prosperity." A vote of thanks, on the motion of Mr John Day, was passed to the Honorary Secretary for his services in connection with the formation of the club.The Cork Constitution newspaper also reported on the Muskerry Club opening and said that the Union Jack flew there on the day and that the club's colours were red and white.Arrangements were underway in December 1907, according to club minutes, regarding land leasing arrangements with the Dorgan and O'Keeffe families.The nine holes course embraced the area of the present first five holes and the O’Keeffe land across the Sheep River to the right of the 5th hole.

The clubhouse site was considered ideal in view of the train service.Intending members would do well to join as soon as possible, the news item concluded.The land for the course at Coolflugh, near Cloghroe Church, was made available through the good offices of local farmer Jerome Dorgan who was interested in golf anyway as he played the game at the nearby St Ann’s Hill Hydro - a complex that included, not just a health centre, but also a hotel and a large farm.The course is over 5,000 yards (nine holes played twice) and every one of the holes has some characteristic about it in the way of hazards.These hazards consist of lanes, banks, trees, a gravel pit, the railway and a small river (the Sheep) and to escape such a choice selection of difficulties will require pawky play'.

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